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The factory is a primary magnesium plant built in 1979 with a capacity of 500 MT/month of pure magnesium. The technological process is the magnotherm, identical to the one used in Marignac France.

The first investment was in renovating completely this production, since it is the sole factory in Europe able to produce primary magnesium in Europe.

The recycling facility is located within the primary plant. It specialize in converting magnesium scrap into magnesium alloys according to the ASTM standard. The team is composed of high skilled engineers and skilled and experienced workers, known in Europe for their known how in primary production. This offers the possibility of customized alloys according to any clients specification and request.

The recycling facility has a capacity of 800 to 1000 MT/month. It uses electric heated furnaces with 14 MT crucibal, exactly similar to the Pechiney / Marignac one. By capacity, it is one of the largest recycler in Europe.

Regarding the quality control, sample are taken during melting, refinment, and casting to ensure the chemical content of the material that is recycled. Samples are taken many times during all these stages, prior casting. All the quality control process was done by spectrometer.

The strategy is based on quality, knowhow and strategic location within Europe. The group implementation is strongly based in Europe and implementing in the USA. The alloys are sold to the automotive die casting industry and magnesium desulfurization granules producers.



Total magnesium alloys transformed per year in Mt

Total magnesium alloys sales in euros/year

  • magnesium price: 2600 euros/Mt
  • transformation price: 600 euros/Mt

Total magnesium alloys sales in euros/year


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